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Love Bridal Boutique, Altrincham

January 12, 2017

As with a lot of our clients, we have a close relationship with Emma, owner of Love Bridal Boutique and her husband, Jonny. Jonny is our go-to-photographer when clients need one, as he completely understands how we design and what we always try to achieve. So, working on the bridal boutique website has been a real joy, as amazing photography has just been a given. And, if you know us, you’ll know the emphasis we put on imagery.

The structure of the website also followed our mantra of less is more.We’ve seen lots of bridal boutique websites which are just not us – or our clients. Many, to us, seem overly fussy and overly pink – and this was definitely not something that Emma wanted. We had designed the original website for Love Bridal – in contrast to many bridal boutique websites, in collaboration with Emma, we opted for charcoal grey and powder blue as the main palette, as we were working with a logo designed by another illustrator. However, for the second phase of the website, we felt that that a very clean looking website, with a white background, to showcase big, bold images was the way forward.






As with every site we design, this was a truly collaborative effort. We never use templates and so every design we do, must involve the client and this is how we approached the Love Bridal website. If you decide that you’d like us to work on your design project with you, you’ll hopefully do what we did with Emma – and this involved sitting in front of the computer, together, from time to time. This approach is so important to us – ultimately it’s YOUR website and so we think it’s crucial that YOU are involved in the design process.

If you like the look & feel of Love Bridal, and like the approach we take, we might just be able to help you if you are looking to up your design game. Just drop us a line via the contact form below and we’ll be in touch…




Designs on Cherry Tree Bakery

January 11, 2017

Family run, independent and successful – but design wise, in need of an overhaul so as to attract larger corporate clients. This was the situation Cherry Tree Bakery found themselves in when we had our initial meeting with them. The website was dated and was not showcasing the products effectively enough – and with a client who was prepared to put his faith in us and give us quite a lot of scope, we relished this particular challenge. The new website had to work immediately, in attracting new clients and then securing them, so we knew we had to pull something pretty special out of the bag for Cherry Tree Bakery.

We’re big on the power and impact of brilliant photography. We avoid stock images as much as we possibly can, always encouraging clients to consider original images. We’re lucky that we work very closely with two very talented photogrpahers – Jonny Draper and Ilian, who specialises in food photography. Cherry Tree just got immediately what we meant about photography and booked both in – Jonny to shoot the bakery, the people, the processes and Ilian to shoot the products. This delighted us, because we knew we would have the most amazing images to work with – and we weren’t wrong. Feast your eyes…

Photography by Jonny Draper






Photography by Ilian







So, with beautiful shots in place, the structure of the website just fell together, as we wanted to use the photographs to maximum effect, not only on the gallery, but across all pages. The original logo was kept – and athough we initially felt it should be updated, we agree that it sits very well with the new design of the Cherry Tree Bakery website.


I found working with We Are Life to be a sublime experience, from start to finish. Being a medium-sized business I initially looked to larger agencies, however I didn’t like the corporate feel of being passed around a large team, nor their dull aesthetic sensibilities. We Are Life was exactly what I was looking for: a small yet fantastic team, who took time to really understand my needs and who ultimately had the ability to transform that vision into a beautiful and visually striking website. I massively appreciated their constant care & attention, and the way they blended their stunning photography and web design into a harmonious whole. Thank you for creating a website we can be proud of!

Joshua Entwhistle, Cherry Tree Bakery

If you too would like us to work with you on your website overhaul, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do together 🙂

The Italian Job Part 2

January 9, 2017

Building relationships with clients is something that is very important to us. We love that we have people who’ve come to us for design work and who we now count as very close friends. Of course, this doesn’t happen every time, but for the most part, it does. Emil and Anna, at Azzurro Restaurant in West Didsbury are people who fall into the category of clients and friends. We’ve worked with them now for a good few years, helping to develop their website. In 2012, we redesigned the first website we did as it was showing signs of age and the new website served the restaurant very well. But, these things date quick quickly and a refresh is always a good idea – and that’s just what we did last year.

The current website is simple in design as we wanted the focus to be on the food, not flashy-showy-off-design. Photography was done by our client and friend, Jonny Draper but we also incorporated the restaurant’s Instagram feed, as Emil often takes photos of food being prepped and served and we felt we didn’t want to miss the opportunity of showcasing the food as it happened.

We’re really happy with the new look Azzurro website – but still look forward to its next incarnation…




If you too would like find out if we’re the kind of people you’d like to work with on your design project, why not take a look at our website portfolio or drop us a line here? You never know, we may just become firm friends, too…

Happy New Year

January 3, 2017

OK, 2017 is now officially three days old, so maybe we’re a bit late with our well wishes. But, for the first time in a long time, we actually afforded ourselves a break over Christmas and New Year. Computers were switched off on Christmas Eve and have only been turned on again today, so for us, it’s still OK to wish family, clients and friends a very…


We’re gearing up here for a busy start to the year. As well as a number of gorgeous projects we are still working on, we have some exciting meetings coming up with potential clients for new design work. We also need to get cracking on updating our own website as we have some beauties to add there, which went live just before Christmas.

We’re also planning a bit of an adventure ourselves. Although design work will carry on as normal, we’re having a relocation to sunnier climes – imagine design meetings around a swimming pool 🙂

So, we do genuinely wish you a very happy new year and hope that your dreams – design and otherwise – happen for you in 2017. If you would like to discuss a design project with us, we’d love to hear from you…


Moving On…

December 20, 2016


Not us, not just yet. There’s still a few hurdles to get over before our clients are having design meetings around a swimming pool 😉

No, we’ve had a bit of professional moving on. We take massive pride in the fact that we forge long term relationships with clients and that much of our design work is with ongoing, long-standing clients. But – and we’re very realistic and pragmatic about this – not every relationship lasts.

Some things just simply don’t work – call it a clash of styles/personalities/views, if you like. These tend to be the relationships that we think both parties – us and them – benefit from, in terms of the break…

Sometimes circumstances just change. People take a different direction and what we once designed, no longer fits with what they are now doing.

Sometimes, people just go off you and your way of working. Some people – even though we make our circumstances and our ways of working VERY clear, right from the outset – seem to think that we’ll do things differently for them. We are flexible and we do try to be accommodating, but we don’t like being taken advantage of. And when some people realise this, they seem to go right off us. Funny that…

Sometimes, it’s just the natural way of things. People do move on.

So, if you have been a client of ours and have moved on, we wish you well. We wish you well with your new designers, or with your new direction. But mostly, we want to let you know that whatever the reason for your moving on, you have been a big part of what we do, and we wish you well in the future.