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Lockdown Packaging Design

November 6, 2020

Although website design makes up the bulk of our work, we can turn our hands to quite a lot more. Recently, our clients at Azzurro Restaurant, in West Didsbury, decided to diversify a little and provide a little something else for their customers.

Their own hand roasted coffee. And in keeping with the restaurant branding, we wanted to ensure that when this coffee was bought, it was absolutely on brand. The coffee is now for sale in the restaurant, and our clients are delighted – as are their customers, as it does appear to be flying off the shelves!

We also designed promotional posters, informing customers of the new products. These were launched over the first lockdown, and as the restaurant was (and still is) operating as a takeaway, they needed a visible reminder of the Coffee Alchemy products, to be prominently displayed in the window…

As our clients have to had to respond to lockdowns and new regulations very quickly, so have we, as their designers. Gone are the days of us being able to work on just one, maybe two, projects at the same time. We have to reconsider our ways of working, because, in the nicest possible – and most understandable – way, nearly all of our clients need design work NOW.

We have to juggle balls and spin plates. We have to understand design briefs VERY quickly now, and be able to turn around jobs quickly. However, we are liking this new way of working – our minds are very focused and we think our design is becoming sharper as a result. But, that’s just what we think. It’s what our clients think that is important. And, importantly, what potentially new design clients think. Could you be one of those?

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