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MacleodBradley, West Didsbury

October 28, 2020

We’ve worked with MacleodBradley for over a decade now and have seen the designs change over the years. When we started working with the West Didsbury salon, their website was a little dated and not too easy on the eye. As an award-winning, and very renowned salon, we felt that their online presence should reflect this and perhaps be more subtle. It was agreed that there should be a move away from the bright, vibrant colours and that the branding needed to be updated too.

The first We Are Life Design website, took its inspiration from the salon itself, using colours which complemented the interior – much fresher and softer than previously used.

We also encouraged our clients to use a professional photographer to shoot the salon and the products and to also have team shots, to bring personality and life to the new website.

With a wealth of new imagery and the idea to strip the design back, we worked on the branding, producing something which as now stood the test of time, as it is still used.

Reward cards, appointment cards, price lists, A-boards etc were also designed, as well as the salon signage, to bring a whole new look to the business.

The website definitely had more of a feeling of space. It was less cluttered and the colours were a whole lot more soothing.

However, being a business which doesn’t stand still, MacleodBradley keeps up to date, not only with trends in the industry, but also in terms of design. Knowing that things move on quickly, Helen, the owner, is always keen to keep the online presence fresh and contemporary – and although the branding has remained, we’ve since updated the look of the website.

This time, we’ve gone for a one page design, which scrolls down. Again, things have been stripped back so that the site is a whole lot more visual. We considered what clients will actually want when they come to the website – the prices – and these are now much more prominent, and more simplified. Instagram has been integrated as a gallery – a much more cost effective of showcasing styles and trends and products and salon events, than constantly re-shooting and us having to regularly update the gallery.

As MacleodBradley has evolved, we think the design has also evolved. Looking back, we’ve come a long way since the orange…

Having worked with Helen and Pete for over ten years, both whilst they were on my doorstep as well as being abroad, I could not be happier with any of the design results they have delivered. My website has evolved over the years, and I hardly ever have to say what I want or need, as Pete and Helen just ‘get it’. They always communicate with me as the client, effectively and efficiently and regularly, keeping me informed regards progress. You would never know where they are really, location-wise, as the service they offer is exactly the same as it was when they were only round the corner! Who says long distance relationships don’t work? I cannot fault them one bit and would highly recommend them for any website/design work.

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