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Serendipity Brides, Northampton

October 27, 2020

In 2015, we received the following email via our website design form :

We are looking for a company to help redesign our website with the same vision as us. We have been unable to find anybody local to us in Northamptonshire. Would love to talk to you further to see if this is something you can do.

We definitely felt that we could enhance and improve the online presence of Serendipity Brides and soon after, we had a new We Are Life client. We’ve never actually met Lisa, the owner. When we started the re-design, we were still in Manchester so communications were done via calls and emails. We’ve introduced Zoom now – living in Istria and a global pandemic has made us rethink about how we communicate with our clients. However, we had already established a very successful working relationship with Lisa, so distance and lack of actual physical face-to-face contact hasn’t made any difference, at all.

So, what did we do to improve the website (above)?

  • Bespoke design and build
  • Blog / contact form / mailing list / social media integration
  • Full Content Management System for editing
  • Responsive, smart-phone/tablet friendly design

Over the past five years, we have continued to improve the design and functionality of the website. We very, very rarely deliver a site, and that is the end of things. One thing we really focus on, and work hard at developing and maintaining, is our relationship with clients. We don’t want to work with people who have no interest in this side of things – we would much rather collaborate with people who share our ethos. And so, the Serendipity Brides website has also grown and developed. We are in regular contact with Lisa, and she is very pro-active in thinking about how her site can continually improve. She gives us regular feedback, which makes our job so much easier. If know what you are thinking, as a client – even if we’ve done something which you are not too keen on – we’d much rather know, because we can then work on putting it right, and delivering what you want.

We think that the Serendipity website looks pretty smart these days – and all down to the collaborative approach, between us and our client, which works brilliantly for us.

Being a bridal boutique, there are often events such as Trunk Shows, Sample Sales and designer days/evenings. We suggested that rather than continually creating and then deleting new pages for these events – which would be quite costly for something which either might not provide sufficient return, or was only online for a short period of time – we use subtle pop-ups to advertise the occasions. We’re not fans of fussy, flashy, blingy pop-ups as they are super annoying – but they do have their merit, if used in a less-is-more way. Hopefully, like the one which is currently on the homepage…

Lisa, the owner of this particular bridal boutique, has also chosen to take advantage of a service we offer to clients who require regular website updates – a monthly retainer. The latest version of the website, which was given a design overhaul earlier this year, was paid for in this way, meaning that the cost is spread out – and because a retainer is received, any additional work, going forward, is done as soon as possible, rather than sitting in a queue.

Not all clients pay in this way – and for some it wouldn’t really be worth it, as updates are less frequent. But, as in everything we do, we want to be as flexible as possible – especially in the current climate – and so if a plan like this sounds like just what you need, as well as gorgeous design, why not get in touch and let’s see what we can do together? Either complete the form below, or pop over to our website, and complete the design enquiry form.

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