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Happy New Year

January 7, 2019


After a long festive roadtrip, where we got see family and friends and recharged our batteries, we’re back doing what we love – designing.

2018 saw us working with some fab new clients and creating new designs for long-standing clients. We feel very lucky to work with the people we design for – the vast majority understand how we work and are completely unphased by us not being just around the corner any longer. Those who don’t get us, eventually move on – which is the right decision all round, as it means we get to focus on the positives.

2018 also seemed to be the year when people decided that they needed to revamp. We worked on new designs for a number of clients, which we’ll be blogging about separately – and there are a fair few revamp projects in the pipeline for 2019. We love this kind of work, as we can incorporate new styles and trends, as well as ensuring that sites continue to be robust and fit for purpose. Design moves on so quickly, and what was probably quite cutting edge when the website was originally done, may no longer be quite as up to date.

We’re also going to be taking a leaf out of our book and doing what we advise clients to do. We’ll be updating our own website and adding some new features, which we hope will add value to the service we offer. More of this later though, as we are going to be heads down for the next few days, ensuring that 2019 gets off to an organised start. In the meantime, here’s a flavour of what we’ve been working on…


If you are looking to kick start your design this new year, we offer the following advice – do your homework. Check out a variety of designers. Look at their websites – but look behind the scenes. Read blogs. Read client testimonials. Check out social media accounts. Contact clients – one of the best ways to find out if what is claimed on a designer’s website is true! We would urge that you do all of this with us – because the last thing we want is for you to waste your time if we are not the right people for you. To make it easy, here’s where you can check us out…

Our website, which showcases our work, what we do, and what clients think about working with us…

Our Twitter account and our FaceBook page give you short snippets of information. And of course, this blog. Trawl back through it, as it’s not all about design work.

If you like what you read, do get in touch. If you’ve done your homework and then make this move, then we’re pretty sure you’re the kind of person we’d like to work with 🙂


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