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A New Year Update

January 23, 2018

We are decidely unsure where the last few months have gone, as it seems absolutely no time since I posted the last blog about the launch of the West Didsbury Residents’ Association website. But that was back in October. Yes, nearly four months ago! So, it got me thinking – what we have we been doing between October and now, nearly a month into 2018? Well, not sitting idle, that’s for sure 😉

On The Design Front

There’s definitely been no  let up here, which is brilliant. We have been working on a number of new websites, which will be launching imminently:

  • Solutions for Japanese Knotweed, run by the brother of the lovely Siân, from the Flower Lounge
  • The Ginger Fox Cafe, in Bourne, Lincolnshire
  • Sofra Lebanese Restaurant in West Didsbury

We’re also working with current clients to revamp, and update, design work. These include The White Closet, Evie’s Retreat, MacleodBradley and Vintage Afternoon Teas, as well as the on-going day to day design we do with a variety of clients.

As well as the WDRA website, towards the end of 2017, we launched new websites for The Flower Lounge, Carole Hilton Stone Massage Therapist, Words Inspire and Aquarius Plumbing and blogs will follow, detailing what we did and how we did it.


Screenshot-2018-1-23 Massage therapy, Ripon - Carole Hilton-Stone(1)

Screenshot-2018-1-23 Words Inspire Delectable writing for brands Copywriting, tone of voice, verbal branding - Manchester, UK


New clients have been welcomed to We Are Life Design, and as such, we are looking forward to beginning work with Didsbury based Claire Currie, to amalgamate her two current websites, into a more cohesive design. Projects are currently being worked out with another couple of potential clients, giving us an amazing range of design work we can get our teeth into.

On The Personal Front

As many of you will know, we relocated from Didsbury to Istria in northern Croatia, in March last year – can’t quite believe we’re coming up to our first anniversary out here 🙂 Things are progressing really well – as well as having a fab set of clients who keep us busy work-wise, we’re pressing on with what is turning out to be quite a big renovation project on the house. Days are split between design and DIY – although we have sourced some brilliant builders who largely get on with things, freeing us up to focus on the business. Today has been a good example of how our days pan out – website design, blogging, keeping on top of social media etc, whilst Misko, one of our builders, power drills through the kitchen wall (no mean feat as the walls are 80cms thick), while at the same time, draining our internal well so that we can explore – and possibly excavate into – the chamber under the house. We’ve also just returned from five weeks back in Didsbury and the North East, spending time with family and friends – lovely to catch up with so many people, and to also turn it into a mini adventure, as we drove this time, taking in France and northern Italy.

On The Life Front

We’ve been growing our business over the past few years, adding new bits to the Life family and it was becoming a bit confusing for us, so therefore definitely for visitors to our sites. So, a decision has been made to streamline and have all of our interests under one umbrella site. Excitingly, this will also include our new venture, We Are Life Escape – currently we only have a Twitter account but plans are afoot to create a lovely Istrian retreat that people can come and escape to. And find out why we have fallen in love with this heart shaped peninsula in northern Croatia…

So, we hope you will understand our lack of blogging about recent work. We promise to get back on track, because we have gorgeous stuff to start sharing with you 🙂





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