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An Inspiring Project

October 12, 2017

We’ve worked with our client, Rowena, for a number of years now and have been delighted to be a part of the growing business she has created. Recently, she decided the time was right to re-brand her copywriting business and came to us for a complete overhaul and new look. As a client, Rowena is clear thinking, focused and organised and provided us with a very succinct brief, as well as giving us really precise guidance about the kind of imagery she wanted on her new website. This approach really helps us to nail a concept/design early on in the process and quickly, we were able to begin pulling together ideas for consideration – the new branding, being approved very quickly.


Big thanks to for the beautiful new branding. Farewell Row Writes. Time to re-launch.

Being a copywriter, Rowena naturally provided all of her own copy. We know that not everyone can/wants to do this and many of our clients do prefer to have someone else be their “voice”. We can work on copy for you, and help you to craft your words, but if you are looking for a professional copywriter, well, we might just know someone

It was agreed that the words had to be the selling point of the website, but that the “look” and “feel” was also important. No good having great words, if the design is messy and lacking cohesion. A definite case of less is more (the We Are Life mantra). A holding page was created as the work went on in the background, signalling the new direction of the company.


As our clients know, we have recently relocated to sunny northern Croatia, to hopefully experience a better quality of life. More sunshine and warmth. More good food and out door healthy living. What we didn’t count on, was just how difficult it would be to have good, secure internet installed in our new home – whilst at the same time, trying to keep on designing. The Words Inspire project was one of a number we’ve been working on, whilst trying to remain sane in the face of Croatian telecoms bureaucracy. But like most things, it came good in the end and we are now fully connected. However, we would like to say a big thank you to Rowena for her patience and understanding. It’s clients like her, who do keep us going 😉

So, Words Inspire is now launched as new brand – and we are super delighted with the results. We’d love to know what you think…







If you like what you see – and read here – and think we may be just the people you’re looking for, for your design project, why not get in touch? It could be the start of something very lovely.



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