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Life For Sale…

January 16, 2017

As some of you may be aware, we’re planning some quite big Life changes. Whilst we’ll be continuing with our core businesses of We Are Life Design, Didsbury Life and We Are Life PA, we’re going to be streamlining other projects we’ve been planning, as we relocate to sunnier climes in northern Croatia 🙂

We won’t be moving full-time for a few months yet – we need to do quite a lot of internal work on the house we’ve bought, and still remembering how awful it was trying to live and work in our Didsbury house as we renovated, we’re having that done without us there! So, we’ll still be around, just not in the house we’ve lived in for 17 years.

However, we do need to really rationalise our business. The vision that we had for rolling out websites similar to Didsbury Life, is now not going to happen – at least by us. But, it also means we’re sitting on a fair few domain names, which we figure could be used by some creative, innovative people out there.


We’ve set up a small website detailing why we’re selling these domains and which domains are actually available. If you know of anyone who may be interested in speaking to us about these, please pass them our way – they can fill in the contact form below or email via the Life For Sale website.

We have purposely not stated selling prices – some are domain names only, some are domains/twitter/emails etc and we’d rather speak to people to arrive at a mutually comfortable price. We are not selling these domains to make as much as money as possible – although that would be lovely, in an ideal world! Rather, we’d like these to go people who will do something with them and inject their own ideas and personality.


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