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Moving On…

December 20, 2016


Not us, not just yet. There’s still a few hurdles to get over before our clients are having design meetings around a swimming pool 😉

No, we’ve had a bit of professional moving on. We take massive pride in the fact that we forge long term relationships with clients and that much of our design work is with ongoing, long-standing clients. But – and we’re very realistic and pragmatic about this – not every relationship lasts.

Some things just simply don’t work – call it a clash of styles/personalities/views, if you like. These tend to be the relationships that we think both parties – us and them – benefit from, in terms of the break…

Sometimes circumstances just change. People take a different direction and what we once designed, no longer fits with what they are now doing.

Sometimes, people just go off you and your way of working. Some people – even though we make our circumstances and our ways of working VERY clear, right from the outset – seem to think that we’ll do things differently for them. We are flexible and we do try to be accommodating, but we don’t like being taken advantage of. And when some people realise this, they seem to go right off us. Funny that…

Sometimes, it’s just the natural way of things. People do move on.

So, if you have been a client of ours and have moved on, we wish you well. We wish you well with your new designers, or with your new direction. But mostly, we want to let you know that whatever the reason for your moving on, you have been a big part of what we do, and we wish you well in the future.

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