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Life Design Plans…

December 12, 2016

planningWishing is a good thing to do, but you have to get serious at some point, and start turning those wishes into plans and goals and actions.

We’ve spent a long time wishing we could live somewhere that was a bit slower paced. And hot and sunny. Pretty soon that wish is going to become a reality, so we are now planning, big time. We’re especially planning when it comes to our business and our clients.

We’re super lucky that we have built a business which we can carry on with, from almost anywhere. Many of our clients, we’ve never met face to face because of geographical distance and so we see few reasons why we can’t continue doing what we love. Some clients, since we broke the news about moving, have fallen away. Whether they would have gone anyway, we don’t know, but it happens. Some weren’t surprising. Some were. But, things happen for a reason and we wish them well with their new designers. We’re much more concerned with clients who seem completely unfazed by our news – and can only see the positives. It’s for these clients – probably YOU, if you are reading this – that we are planning and making sure that as far as possible, it is business as usual.

However, this also a bit of a plea. There may well be times, in the coming months, when you feel frustrated because we are not acting as quickly as you might want us to. You might feel frustrated because you feel that things are not moving quickly enough with your design work. But please know in advance, this will not be because we’ve taken our eyes off the ball, or because our heads have been turned by a “new” life. It will be due to moving our belongings, grappling with the intricacies of the Croatian utility companies so we have the necessary electricity, broadband etc to carry on our business, and becoming acquainted with new ways of doing things which currently come naturally.

It may also be due to the fact that there are only two of us – one communicating with clients, the other designing full time – and we may well be working on someone else’s project. And don’t forget, at times, that “someone else” will also be you, in someone else’s eyes. We don’t want to complicate things by taking on other people, so please remember that there are only two of us and we sometimes need to switch off. Not often, but sometimes – and this is why we are planning furiously. We want to have systems in place, so we don’t let you down. Sometimes, though, you will probably feel that we are, and so we apologise in advance. And get on with planning and designing…


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