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The Re-Branding of Wheeldon Opticians

November 3, 2016

Our clients at Wheeldon Opticians approached us to develop a cohesive brand for the company and to redesign their website, to help position them more highly in the competitive market place. As the company grew over the years, they acquired additional premises – and signage developed too, but meaning that none of the premises were branded the same. When James, the owner, came to us it was definitely time for a complete overhaul – and we were delighted that he was willing to place his faith in us, as designers.

Anyone who is familiar with our design, knows that our mantra is “less is more”. Copy on a website is crucial – people need information and good copy is good for SEO. But, too much copy can be detrimental, so we like to strike a balance. We want our websites to be the “shop front” – giving sufficient information for people to browse, but then compelling them to contact the business if they want to know more. Like any well-thought out, and well-considered shop front, visuals are key, as we are, by nature, lookers. We like to look at things – and often if we like what we see, we’re more inclined to react positively.

The branding was the first part of the project to be tackled. As in all cases, we developed a number of ideas and discussed these with our client, enabling him to be a part of the process – as a client, your brand is all about YOU, not us, so why would we not include you? It was agreed, that as the branding had been a bit confused previously, we needed something very clear, something very recognisable. Dare we say something which would be a little bit on the iconic side? And, our “W” was born…


Very quickly, all three sites – West Didsbury, Cheadle and Wilmslow – had brand new signage installed, immediately creating that cohesive brand. We worked with our colleagues at Cactus Design on this phase of the project.


As previously stated, we agreed with our client that the we did not need to have reams of medical/optometry information on the website. Rather, it was agreed that this would be discussed personally, with patients. Instead, we decided to focus on what everyone really wants to know:

  • Who We Are
  • What We Do
  • How We Do It

It was also decided that we’d include information about the history and heritage of Wheeldon Opticians, going back to Richard Wheeldon who opened his chemist shop on Burton Road selling “Spectacles to suit all sights” in 1896. We all love a bit of human interest – and we felt that this section added warmth to the website, as well as combining the heritage with the contemporary.

Stationery and business card followed, as well as the rebranding of social media accounts.

For greater variety of interest – and because Wheeldon Opticians had some really funky product promo shots – we use an image rotate on the homepage, meaning that each time someone visited, a new image would appear.


We think we ticked the boxes for the brief, and thankfully, our client seems to be super pleased with his new look…

In 2015 I reached “Company re-brand” on my to-do list. I was looking for a new identity, new website, signage and stationery, to bring more of a uniform look to my business. To make something work across these different areas was beyond me on my own. I did research into who local businesses had sourced to help them, and all roads led back to We Are Life.  After an initial meeting with Pete and Helen I knew I had made the correct choice. It was a rewarding experience for me, they listened and suggested in just the right amounts, brought the element of design and creativity I was after. I am delighted with the results and would recommend them to anyone.

If you too are looking to rebrand, or loooking for a design agency who will deliver your vision, drop us a line. It could be the start of something very beautiful…


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