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The Gourmet Pork Pie Company

November 1, 2016

We were approached by Charmaine and Andy, of Woodkirk Valley Pork Pies, to help rebrand their company and create a website which would showcase their pork pies to would be clients, many of whom were beginning to include discerning brides and grooms, who wanted something a little less traditional than a wedding cake. Their website (below) wasn’t reflecting their products and both knew that changes had to be made if they were to grow their business.


The business is based in West Yorkshire – Woodkirk Valley, to be precise – but we’re not from West Yorkshire, and Woodkirk Valley, as a name, didn’t have a meaning for us. And we felt that for a company which wanted to grow, being so localised, could hinder this growth. We felt that as they had come to us for a rebrand, the timing could be perfect for a complete change – and Charmaine and Andy, once we had discussed the implications and the benefits, decided to go for it. And so The Gourmet Pork Pie Company was born. “Gourmet” was very important because of the high quality ingredients used, the baking process, the choices of fillings and toppings and the fact that locally, awards were already being amassed for these pies.


We met twice with the couple – once for an initial meeting, where we were able to collate sufficient ideas/information to begin the process and a second meeting prior to a photo shoot when they delivered their “pork pie props”.

The branding was the first phase of the project – a number of new logo designs were provided, all with a pig motif, but this one came out the clear winner…


The website was the next stage of the process, and budget dictated that this had to be a simple website, but still stylishly reflective of the aspirations of The Gourmet Pork Company. We agreed that the pies should speak for themselves, and so photography was going to be key, with professional images being the focus of the site. It was further agreed that text should be kept to a minimum, so as not to detract from the imagery. A downloadable PDF was included, in the event that peopole wanted more information, there and then.  We enlisted our go-to-professional-photographer-friend-and-client, Jonny Draper. Again, budget did not stretch to a studio shoot, so in keeping with the “rustic” style we were aiming for, we set up the pies – some cut through, some still whole, on wooden tables, dressed with ivy and apples and chutneys…


Business cards were designed and a pop up banner – great marketing tools to take along to events and markets.



We found working with Charmaine and Andy to be an absolute joy. By their own admission, they could make cracking pork pies, but weren’t as confident about how to sell and market their business. We hope that we have given The Gourmet Pork Pie Company a platform from which to grow – and they are certainly a small, independent company who deserve to grow large and enjoy success.


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