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Bluebells and Daisies

November 1, 2016

So, today, the North West regional finalists for The Wedding Industry Awards have just been announced and we are delighted, that yet again, a number of our clients are nominated. We’re crossing our fingers that like The White Closet, The Flower Lounge and Love Bridal previously, this year’s north west nominees (Love Bridal Boutique, The Flower Lounge, Ashfield House and Bluebells and Daisies) become national winners. These nominations have also given me the much needed kick up the backside, to blog about the lovely projects we’ve been privileged to work on with these clients.

First up – Bluebells and Daisies, nominated in the Venue Dressing Category.

Like many of the companies we design for, Bluebells and Daisies is the brainchild of one person – Gemma. It’s a small – but definitely growing! – independent wedding hire and venue dressing business, sourcing rustic wedding treasures. Again, like lots of our clients, Gemma had a beautiful vision, with amazing ideas and a keen eye for sourcing her treasures, plus a logo.


However, she didn’t quite know how to hang it all together – and that’s where we came in. Gemma came to her first meeting with us, bursting with ideas and very quickly we just *got* what she wanted. Rustic. Ethereal. Whimsical. But, with a strong sense that Gemma knew exactly what she was doing and could transform a wedding with her touch. Again, we emphasised our mantra of photography, photography, photography – and Gemma took heed, organising a professional shoot, but also threading through her own images. Because of the style of the website, we felt that we could take the liberty of treating the images with a consistent sepia toned filter, which we think really enhances the feel of the website.

So, welcome to Bluebells and Daisies, one of the North West finalists in the very prestigious Wedding Industry Awards






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