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The Importance of Timely Feedback…//Design//

September 15, 2016

We try to be as flexible as we can be with our clients as we know that many are small, independents, running everything themselves. We totally understand that sometimes, when we send over a concept, or a series of ideas, or a design, or a revision, if the first time you check your emails is at the end of a very long day, after sorting the kids etc, then giving immediate feedback just isn’t practical.

In the same way that we can’t always respond immediately to your requests, we know that you can’t always respond immediately with feedback – especially as you often need to absorb what we’ve sent over. You need to revisit. You need to discuss. And that’s all good as it’s how it should be.

However, there are times when we (and we know that you’ll also do this with customers, suppliers etc) do spend a fair bit of additional time, chasing feedback. And here’s why…


Firstly, we need to know if we need to improve what we’ve delivered – and that can only be done if you tell us. But, and here’s the biggie, while we’re working on your project, we’re also working on other people’s designs too. A delay in feedback can really affect our schedule and that means that work for other people – as well as for you – can be knocked back. We know there’s no really easy way around this, as we completely appreciate the demands on your time, but feeding back to us quite quickly, will hugely help how we can plan our time. And that will mean we can hopefully keep all of you happy by ultimately delivering projects on schedule.

(As an addendum, there will always be occasions when, however quickly you feed back, there will be delays – this is especially the case if we are reliant on eg one of our programmers. We apologise in advance if this happens, but you can be assured that we are always trying to progress things on your behalf, in the background).


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