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How We Do What We Do //Design//

August 17, 2016

Although all design projects are different – one of the reasons we do not have prices on our website, but more of that later* – there is one thing that we apply to every single job and client. Trying to give a little bit more than expected.

We don’t do this out of the need to be back-slapped and thanked from the heavens. We do it, because generally, it’s a nice way to do business and it often means that we get a lot more job satisfaction than grief. We do it, because it makes sense to us.

When we meet a client for the first time – whether it’s in person, or via a phone meeting – we don’t charge for our time. Why we would we? This is YOUR opportunity to decide if you want to work with us, so we’re not about to charge you for making this very important decision. In fact, and we’d probably make a whole lot more money if we did, we don’t charge for any meetings. When you agree a price with us, that’s the price. No unexpected extra costs. (Unless, of course, you decide you want additional extras, such as a blog, which was not factored in initially). We have had people say we’re mad for not charging for meeting time – it is after all, our time and our expertise/advice we are sharing. We’ve had people say clients won’t take us seriously if there’s not a bill at the end of a meeting. Rubbish! Doing things this way, means we get – and are more likely to retain – the kind of clients we want. Nice, decent people.

During the design process, we involve you as much as you want to be involved. Some clients are more than happy for us to deliver a set of designs and iron out any changes/amends over email. If that works for you, it works for us too. And for some clients, it has to be this way because of geographical distance. However, if you prefer a much more hands-on approach, that equally works for us too. We love the process of sitting down with a client, in front of the computer, and working up amends. We love you being part of the creative process which ultimately becomes your website, your business cards etc. Not ours. Yours. We love your feedback because often, with fresh eyes, you’ll suggest something which we may never have thought of. It’s all about collaboration, you see.

When we’ve completed your project – your website, or your print design, whatever you commissioned us for initially – we don’t see this as the end. We see this as step in the journey we hope to take with you, as you grow and nurture your business. We don’t actively or aggressively seek out new clients, making wild claims that we are the best in the business. We much prefer to let our clients speak for us. If you’ve enjoyed working with us, hopefully you’ll mention us when your friend or colleague is in need of a designer. That way, we’re able to grow our very special group of clients. Or, as we prefer to call you – friends.


We deliberately do not have prices for anything on our website. We are not selling loaves of bread, which we guess are quite easy to price up. We’re selling something very individual – the process of transforming your ideas (however abstract they may be initially) into a reality, which will ultimately sell your business. We try to be as flexible as we can be with pricing, looking at ways which will suit individual clients. We guess what we’re saying is, although budget is a key consideration, especially if you are a start up business, it does not have to be the defining consideration as there are always ways around things. Especially if us working together is meant to be 🙂

When I decided to look into website design I was a little overwhelmed and unsure of what my next steps were. That was until I met with you both. I instantly knew from meeting with you that I was in the best hands possible. You have encouraged and supported me to believe in what I do even more and most importantly given me the platform to shout about my lovely business. I never had any doubt that I would get goosebumps when my website was complete. It’s such a lovely feeling when I say to my brides ‘Have you had a look at my website?’ knowing their response will be ‘Oh yes, it’s beautiful’. I have so much respect for you both.

Gemma Kelsall, Bluebells and Daisies


A HUGE heartfelt thanks to both Helen and Pete for all of their hard work in helping me re design, re brand, create brand new websites, tweet about me and generally be the lovely folk that they are! I have had SO many lovely, positive and enthusiastic comments about the websites, design and business cards for this and my other business (Relaxing Reflexology) and I am absolutely delighted! I would have no hesitation whatsoever is recommending both them and their work.

Zoe Aspin, Vintage Afternoon Teas and Relaxing Reflexology


We feel in very safe hands with We Are Life. They’re not just web designers, they’re a creative, personal business themselves, which is what we actually liken ourselves to. They understand more than just building websites, they know what it’s like to run a business, the things that are important to us and nothing is ever too much trouble. The level of service and customer experience they deliver is second to none and they are nothing but a pleasure to work with.

Emma & Jonny Draper, Love Bridal Boutique


I found We Are Life via a recommendation and Pete invited me for an introductory meeting, we had a very productive but informal initial consultation which resulted in the creation of a framework specification, agreed budget and an idea of look and feel for the site. The first draft was delivered very quickly and was almost exactly what we had asked for, we then worked together on a few revisions and tweaks and the site was complete. We Are Life made the whole process very easy. Fantastic people and great service. Many thanks from everyone at Seccura.

Howard Johnson, Seccura




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