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Love Withington Baths Needs YOU!

June 6, 2016

On Friday 3rd June, we launched our Crowdfunder Campaign at Withington Baths. We are initially looking to crowdfund £19,500 in order to begin the redesign, restoration and renovation of Studio 2 – the original Bath House. This amount of money will enable us to install new electrics, underfloor heating, a new vinyl floor suitable for exercise etc and to remove the years of flaking paint from the Edwardian tiles in the studio.

If – or when, because this is too important to not succeed! – we reach the £19,500 target, we will continue to crowdfund and try to hit £29,500. This magical figure will enable us to remove the dated and awful ceiling tiles and expose (and make good/decorate) the vaulted glass roof. Imagine being able to reveal the original Edwardian splendour…


However, we CANNOT do this without your help. We’ve got off to a flying start at nearly 20% of our target reached – BUT, we have a long way to go. We need you to pledge (however small, it doesn’t matter – all pledges are so, so important) and/or spread the word about what we are doing amongst friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues etc.

And, just in case you need convincing about the whys and the whats, take a read of this, from fellow LWB director, Sian Astley…

There are tonnes of charities out there, tonnes of em. One for every cause possible, but you never *really* know where your money is going do you? You hope, because you’re a nice person, but often you don’t actually know.

Well, with us, with Love Withy Baths, you do. Every tenner in will clean another heritage tile, help lay some more flooring, and make safe some more electrics. And combined, means a superb transformation of a long neglected heritage treasure. Meaning another elderly visitor can walk to keep fit, another isolated mum can pootle down to baby massage, another student can stay relatively healthy (😉) and another local kid can run to their Baths on a sunny morning. A restored Bathhouse studio will mean a beautiful but also importantly an warm, functional & affordable space for community groups to hire, for parents to rent for kids parties and for those lower impact classes helping the less mobile to keep mobile!

It’s more than just another restoration project, it’s a Moregeous restoration project, which you know means much more bang for your buck!

Please pledge and help us make this a massive success. Cause if we manage to do this, we stand much better chance of getting the big Lottery type grants which will mean something truly spectacularly massive in the future! Every tenner helps, or fiver even!!

Thank you muchly xx

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  1. June 6, 2016 6:43 pm

    Good luck with the efforts! I learned to swim at withy baths back in the 70’s ☺️

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