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Sleepy Sunday Morning…//Didsbury//

May 15, 2016

West Didsbury is a vibrant place. Gorgeous independent shops mix with independent bars and restaurants & mostly, there’s something for everyone. Although a fresh produce shop, selling fresh fruit & veg and good quality meats & fish, would go down a storm and would be a fantastic addition to the daytime retailers we already have and would inevitably bring thattihng everyone wants more of – footfall. Anyone out there fancy doing it? But, it’s also a very laid back place, and no more so than on a Sunday morning. Perhaps everyone’s sleeping off Saturday evening, but things move slowly on this particular day of the week.

2016-05-15 10.34.34

This morning we were up bright & early and sat on Burton Road Bakery watching the West Didsbury world waken up. Joggers seem to own the street at this time of the morning, but it was nice to just sit & take in what goes on. The need for a lovely fresh produce shop was shown as the queue started to build at the Co-op at half ten – someone, somewhere out there, must be up for the challenge! The bakery was already busy (as would have been Thyme Out on Nell Lane), but the rest of this little corner of Didsbury eases into things.

2016-05-15_0001And, why not? Sometimes it’s nice to take things at a slower pace when you can – especially when the sun’s shining.

Burton Road Bakery, West Didsbury

Burton Road Bakery, West Didsbury


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