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New Designs. A Whole New Life…

March 29, 2016

So, we’ve finally started on our new Life. Not the one where we sell up & move to Italy – that’s a little bit further down the line! No, this is the one where we get our Life in order.

All of our websites are now very old, design & build wise. They’ve grown organically, so as much as we’ve tried to keep things cohesive, nothing seems to, well, match. There’s no sense of overall vision – and boy, do we have one, so now the time has come to realise, and share, it.

Chorlton Life and Didsbury Life have been replaced by holding sites. The Didsbury holding site sets out our stall and gives a clear idea of where we are taking things. We’re swamped by websites around us which list, promote, advertise offers etc and that’s great. The more the merrier as it gives businesses & visitors a choice – and we know we’re not for everyone. But the time has come for us to now be bolder and brighter and sexier. We’re making clearer the connection between the different parts to what we do. Yes, we’ll still promote & champion local, independent businesses, but we’ll also show that we can do a whole lot more. Think design. Think destinations. Think super support.

First site to go live, is our beautiful new design site. Yes, we think it is very beautiful. And that’s not being arrogant. It’s us working very hard to be good at what we do. Not everyone will like it, in the same way that not everyone will like us. But, do you know what? That doesn’t matter anymore, because we like where we are and what we are able to do for some very, very lovely clients…




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