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The Seville Metropol Parasol //Design//

March 27, 2016

Pretty soon, the eagle-eyed amongst you are going to notice something new going on with our We Are Life Design website. We’re going in a whole new direction with everything and creating a whole new Life. More of that in the not too distant future, as we’re currently redesigning, but this seemed about the right time to do a blog about our visit to one of the most amazing structures we’ve seen – the Metropol Parasol (known locally as Las Setas, or “The Mushrooms”) in Seville. Located in Plaza Encarnacion, right in the heart of this very stunning city, this…

…most ambitious, expensive and controversial urban project in Seville since Expo 92, is nothing short of a modern icon…

The structure, designed in 2011 by Berlin based architect Jürgen Mayer H, consists of six huge linked parasols made of waffle-type criss-crossed wooden beams, and it is said to be the world’s largest timber-framed structure. It is one of the most breath-takingly beautiful pieces of architecture we have ever seen, and for something so modern and contemporary, just lives so effortlessly amongst its surroundings…




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