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A Helping Hand for Small Businesses

March 3, 2016

If, like us, you’re a small, independent business, running the show – along with your life – can be quite overwhelming at times. As well as making sure that not only does your business stay on track, but that it grows and develops and evolves, can be hard work. But, if your business is actually *YOU*, it becomes even more difficult. You answer the phone, send & reply to the emails, pay & chase the invoices, file the paperwork, deal with customers/clients/suppliers, motivate people associated with the business, make the teas & coffees, run out & buy the ink cartridges when the printer stops printing in colour in the middle of that important document – and all of this while you are doing what you need to do to run your business and generate an income.

Here’s where we can help…

We Are Life PA is part of our Life Family and evolved from the work we were doing with a number of small businesses we either promoted via Didsbury Life or were doing design work with via We Are Life Design. Our colleague Jo is the super efficient face of We Are Life PA – as a mum of three young girls running her own business, she knows how to prioritise and organise her time.

We have a range of clients from small, local independents on Burton Road, to a theatre company in New York. We are flexible in terms of when we can work for you and how much we can work for you. If you need an admin task doing in the evening so it’s ready in the morning, if we’re available we can deliver it. We have clients who we work with regularly and clients who only need us for one job.

We also only charge for the spend we spend on your project. If a job only takes 30 minutes, you’ll only get billed for 30 minutes. Equally, if it’s a longer term project, our flexibility comes into play as we guess you don’t want to be being billed by the minute.

If you feel that you are currently drowning a bit & need a little bit of space to get your business back on track, why not get in touch and see what we can do help…


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