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First Impressions //Design//

January 30, 2016

A simple bar of soap, but packaged so exquisitely, that I *had* to buy not one, but three bars. The design is simple and quite retro, with a brown paper wrapper, reinforcing the idea that you are purchasing something good. Something that could have been made on an Italian agriturismo, using natural products from the land. Of course, it wasn’t – it was probably mass prouduced in a factory, but the design suggests handmade by independent artisans.

2016-01-30 13.39.27

The chosen fonts are beautiful – simple, but suggesting this is a product you can rely on. We’re not often fans of all capitalisation, but it works here. And being a sucker for all things Italian, the description, for me, is just very alluring.

2016-01-30 13.40.07

So, first impressions do count – and this is what we always bear in mind with any design work we do. They have to count, because in a world where we have images & messages rammed in our faces constantly, you don’t often get that second chance…

If you’d like us to create a lasting first impression for you, just get in touch with us via our website.


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