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A Taste of Honey Delicatessen, West Didsbury

December 16, 2015

When Annalise took over what she calls her “pint-sized deli” on Burton Road, West Didsbury, she had a clear idea of the vision for her business. (See, it’s that word again). She wanted A Taste of Honey to reflect her and her aspirations and ethos for the business, so creating a new brand was very exciting because she also wanted something very contemporary and modern – and although she had clear ideas, gave us relatively free reign to come up with a concept.

The previous branding for the deli had incorporated a beehive. We all knew that a bee motif had to stay, but we wanted something less rustic and something a bit more gritty and industrial – which is where the play on our city’s mascot came in. A Manchester bee for a Manchester deli. Where – as Annalise prides herself – the vast majority of her products are made or sourced.


We opted for a “rough” style – a style which suggested the logo could have been stamped, and to complement this, the opted for the Eveleth font family, using a rougher, inkier style for the name of the deli and a thinner, more elegant style for “Delicatessen”. And with the little twist of the bee replacing the “o”…


Once the logo was agreed, the overall design fell into place, as everything followed very neatly. As the website was going to be predominantly visual, to sell the deli & the food/products, a boxy design was produced, reminiscent of a photograph montage, with key iconic images from the website photoshoot. Another one our key recommendations to clients – avoid stock imagery and have your own products shot, in-situ if possible. If budget is an issue – we would always recommend a professional photographer, BUT sometimes this just isn’t possible – then a trusty i-phone or i-pad, can produce remarkable results, especially if filters are used cleverly. (Top tip – always try & shoot individual products on the same background and use the same filter and settings for a consistent look/feel).


The Twitter account was rebranded, with new logo and header image, showcasing the deli products.


We also produced business cards, promotional banners, food labels and window displays, as well as mocking up personalised aprons. Our signage now sits proudly on the deli frontage – all repainted in the new signature buttermilk yellow, which sets off the industrialised sign to perfection!


A Taste of Honey is located at 138 Burton Road, West Didsbury – and although we might be a little biased, sells the best homemade (daily) soups, salads and sandwiches around!

If you are looking for a designer and like what you’ve read here, why not send us a message & we’ll see what we can do…


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