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Dance To School

December 8, 2015

We love how clients come to us. Word of mouth & very informal networking – so informal, we’re often not aware it’s happening – and recommendations from other clients, seem to be the main ways. We never tout for business, and we don’t attend those early morning breakfast meetings where business cards are swapped. All promo we do is via our own networks. But, new clients still find us and sometimes it all happens in very unexpected ways. Take the recent work we did for Eve Murphy & her business, Dance To School.

In one of my other lives, I’m part of the Love Withington Baths group who’ve taken over the running of our local Edwardian pool & leisure centre, from the local authority, after it was threatened with closure. Determined to create a real community hub, we decided to run a Summer Camp – through some local connections we hooked up with Eve, who at the time was running Dancing Days, and she agreed to work on delivery of the Summer Camp with us. The children had a ball, we had a ball and Eve & I got to know each other. Her business was growing & developing and when she embarked on the Dance to School project – with a huge conference in London, to which she had to present, coming up – she asked if we could help via WeAreLifeDesign.

An initial meeting established what Eve needed in terms of design & once we started the process, her feedback was excellent – concise, detailed and positive. Sometimes, clients need certain changes making, which we expect – but, it’s the way  these changes are conveyed that can make all the difference. We had a tight deadline to work to, but this was made very easy because of the regular communication and timely feedback, which was usually done via email, and meant that Dance To School were able to present at their conference, with new flyers and pop up banners…

Dance to school


If you too need promotional materials, why not get in touch and see what we can do together? You never know what it might lead to…

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