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Website Design – The Nag’s Head Inn, Garthmyl, Powys

November 16, 2015

All of our design projects seem to come to us in a similar way – either through word of mouth recommendations or projects which develop from previous ones. This particular job, for The Nag’s Head Inn, came about via both routes.

We had designed the new website for Rhubarb Restaurant – remember? – on Burton Road, West Didsbury where Bryn Evans was the chef. He decided to make the move back to his native North Wales and open his own venture, plumping for the very rustic Nag’s Head Inn, in Garthmyl, a hamlet in deepest Powys, North Wales. One of the first things we did when Bryn approached us about designing his new website was to take a trip out, so that we could get a “feel” for the inn and discuss his vision, both for the business and the website. It might seem strange to other agencies that we did/do this, but how can you get a real idea of a project without a visit, or regular initial meetings with clients?

Bryn had a logo, which he wanted to retain, and so our design had to be mindful of this, as well as conveying the sense of something traditional – the inn itself – with something very contemporary – the style of food & menus. The focus of the website was the food – Bryn is an award winning chef – and the newly refurbished accommodation, but provenance was also key, so a section of the website was dedicated to his very local suppliers. Imagery of the food & the venue was also key, so a photo shoot was arranged of the food, Bryn in action, the bar, the accommodation – as always, we encourage clients to avoid stock photography and real, in-situ imagery hugely helped in the development of the website.

The relationships we develop with clients is absolutely integral to the success of any project. We’re realistic enough to realise that we cannot rub along with everyone and vice versa, but we do make this VERY CLEAR from the outset. However, clients who fall by the wayside are very few and far between – we think this is because we are honest and very much always try to do the right thing. It also helps when clients have a clear vision of what they want – often this vision changes, as a project develops, and that’s no bad thing at all, but a clear vision always makes a design job much more pleasant to work on 🙂 Bryn had a clear vision – traditional but contemporary, uncluttered, stylish – and we delivered that vision, through regular communication and acting on feedback, which was always delivered in a timely and constructive fashion.

We often receive enquiries from people/companies who are not located near us in South Manchester and want to know how the process works. Quite simply, through regular communication – whether that’s through meetings in person, telephone calls, emails or skype calls. We don’t need to be right in front of you to produce a gorgeous website – if you have a clear idea of what you want (or, at least be open to being guided), communicate with us and are a nice person (yes, that again – it’s very important to us!), every hurdle that presents itself can be overcome, including distance.

If you’re looking to have a website designed, and like what we did for The Nag’s Head, or like what we say, drop us a line here…

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