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What Makes Us Tick…

October 27, 2015

We Are Life is passionate about design. It’s why we come to work. Which is why we only work with the very best. That way, we know that you’re getting the very best. We have collective experience of graphic design, brand and identity design, web design and e-marketing. We also work on a freelance basis with VERY trusted people who can support your IT systems, however big or small, people who can write your copy, people who can organise your PR, people who can take fantastic photographs. In short, if they’re good, we have those people.

As a business, we don’t like being short-changed, with people over-promising and under-delivering. That’s why you’ll find we’ll consistently go out of our way to make and keep you happy. And something else you’ll find different about us is that we don’t have a set of off the peg prices. Every job is unique, so we’ll involve you in the pricing structure. We like to keep things transparent. If you think your budget can’t guarantee a stunning design, think again. At We Are Life, we work together to determine what a job costs.


We can turn our collective creative hands to very everything you could want, so from a set of business cards through to a full blown e-commerce website, can deliver.

Online Design – We have a knack for producing engaging, lickable websites. Our focus is always on clear, usable front-end design and strong ideas which result in engaging sites for our clients. Our goal is to captivate your audience and ultimately promote your business in the best light to sell yourself.

Offline Design – Business cards, brochures, banners. Price lists, posters, packaging. Flyers, book jackets, invitations. You tell us what you’d like and before you know it, you’ll have it. And, we’ll make sure that your print design isn’t run-of-the-mill. It’ll be individual. Just like you.

Branding – A brand is beyond just designing logos. It is about capturing the very essence of who you are. Your attitude, tone, message and values, all culminating in the targeted exposure your business needs. And that’s what we do at We Are Life.


We do what we do because we love lovely design. Fonts, colours, icons, coding, photography make us happy. But not as happy as a happy client does. And that’s why we do it.


We do what we do by involving you in the whole process. We’re definitely not the kind of people who you’ll never see. We don’t hide behind our computers. In fact, you’ll probably get to see us quite a lot. Because we like our clients. A lot.

Initial Meeting – After that initial phone call or email, we’ll meet up with you to understand your vision. There’s no time limit and we don’t charge additionally for meetings. Although if you’re still with us the next day, the coffees are on you!

Design Process – As we’re designing, we keep you in the loop. We also try wherever possible, to get clients to sit in front of the computer with us, from time to time, discussing the project. We want to hear your ideas, thoughts, constructive feedback – for us, it’s the only way to design.

Delivery/Post Launch – Once we’ve delivered a project, we like to keep in touch. We like to think that we don’t just build websites. We build relationships. And that’s what we’d like to do with you…

If you’ve got this far and are interested in possibly working with us, you need to know we’re a really small CORE team (but with big ideas for our clients) and as such, we don’t have receptionists & interns & account managers handling calls, enquiries & projects. We project manage everything from the initial enquiry to sign off – so if you contact us and we don’t get back straight away, please bear with us. Hopefully, you’ll be the kind of client who’ll understand this…

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