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Designed With Love…

October 16, 2015

As well as doing our day-to-day design work at We Are Life, we’re also very heavily involved in the running of our local Edwardian gym & leisure centre – Withington Baths – which our community group took over the running of, in June 2015 from the local authority. One of the first jobs to be done, was to produce branding & a website which were credible and which would stand the test of time. A local designer came up with the very first logo, and very kindly forwarded it to us to use – this was in our very, very early days when our group was just forming and none of really know where this journey would take us.

So, thank you to Mat Black for the very first design which would eventually morph into what we have now. We liked the idea of the lifebelt, but knew that we had to develop a very strong brand identity, that would go way beyond the “Save the Baths” campaign and be as relevant when we were hopefully running the baths we had fought to save.

Withington Baths has always been right at the heart of the community and our campaign to keep it open demonstrated that there was much love for it, both as a building and as a focal point in the community. It has always been much used by young & old and alike and we wanted our new branding to incorporate all of these facets. So, we can up with a heart. A heart filled with different sized circles – which could either be water bubbles, especially when viewed with the original lifebelt which we incorporated, reinforcing the idea of the pool. Or, and this is how we see the different sized circles, the people who make up our community – young, old, big & small – but all in it together.

The colours and font (Cocon) were carefully selected to be bright and modern, but not garish, child friendly and able to work across a multitude of mediums. Having seen our branding on flyers, leaflets, banners, membership cards, swimming caps, our funky doormat and across social media, we know that our Love Withington Baths branding works. And we love it. We really hope you do, too…

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