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Going the extra mile(s)…

April 24, 2015

So, here’s a thing. We love great customer service. We try very hard to provide this and like it when we get it back, whether it’s in our professional world or in a restaurant or when checking into a hotel. It’s not hard to provide it – sometimes just a smile or a cheery greeting equals good customer service. But we experienced some customer service this week that quite literally blew us away. Here’s what happened…

Our friend, and client, mosaicist Amanda McCrann, had the opening night of a big exhibition on Thursday 23 April. This exhibition involved the creation of a lot of very intricate mosaics and in the build up to the exhibition, Amanda forgot she needed some new business cards. It happens and we knew that Simprint, our brilliant go-to-printers, would save the day. We placed the order, late in the day on Tuesday, and crossed our fingers that they’d be printed & couriered out to us from West Yorkshire in time for the exhibition.

Jump forward to Wednesday evening at 9pm and there was knock on our door. A man in full motorbike leathers and helmeted up was holding out a package…

It was only Craig, from Simprint, who’d hopped on his motorbike and brought the business cards over himself – to make sure that Amanda had her cards in time for the exhibition.

Now, if this was a  one-off, we’d consider it astonishing customer service – but this wasn’t a one-off. Back in September, Simprint had done a huge printing order for Love Withington Baths and had dispatched everything off in good time for the event we were having on a Saturday. However, by Friday evening, the printing hadn’t arrived. Sure a lot of printers might have taken the stance of “Not Our Problem, We Dispatched Them” – but not Simprint. Craig got his guys back in – on a Friday evening – reprinted everything, including four six foot banners, and delivered them personally to us at 9am on Saturday morning.

And, that folks, is really going the extra mile and delivering first class customer service.

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  1. April 26, 2015 10:18 am

    I agree…great customer service is just that, a smile, a salutation, however, where has the small-talk gone? Where’s that personal service? I know for a fact, when I receive good service I would use them over and over again. Glad to hear that you were able to help an artist in her hour of need. Can’t wait to visit the exhibition, just need to find the venue…haha

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