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Through the other side…

July 16, 2014

So, you know how it is when a website project starts and you think it’ll be completed in a few days, but a few weeks, maybe a few months later, there’s still a “Website Under Construction” sign on the homepage? Well, that’s how we’ve felt for the past four months. Everything – websites, design work, our home, office and lives – have been “under construction”, as what started out as a seemingly simple project has developed into a rebuild project.

At times, we did question our sanity as there were times when we just simply couldn’t get to computers, or the house was so full of dust and dirt and workmen that it was just plain impossible to do anything, let anything remotely creative. We’ve felt that for the last four months, we’ve achieved nothing– but, looking around now and taking stock, that’s not the case.

A lovely new – calm – living/working space has emerged from the chaos…

And, in updating our website, we’ve also realised that creativity maybe wasn’t as in as short a supply as we thought, because we also designed and launched the following projects for some very lovely – and immensely patient – clients. Thank you 🙂

Silk Wedding Films Website

Silk Wedding Films Website


Jenny Jones Website

Jenny Jones Website


Little Picture Films Website

Little Picture Films Website


Rosen Method UK Website

Rosen Method UK Website

We’re currently working on the following projects and very much look forward to some imminent launches of some very exciting new work…

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