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Why we don’t think being No 1 is necessarily the most important…

February 1, 2014

Every day, without exception, my inbox is flooded with emails, either about how people have conducted a review of our website and they have identified “glaring” omissions which are meaning we are not getting any work, OR they would like to redesign our website so that we are more attractive to potential clients. Generally, we are then advised if we do this, we will certainly be on Page 1 of any search engine for any terms related to our industry.

Thanks, but no thanks on a number of points. These emails are, 95% of the time, generated spam – the garish colours, the opening line, the tone & style of the email, the lack of portfolio evidencing the wild claims of success, would sort of suggest this 😉 (And yes, I do have a spam filter, but these emails are like exocet missiles & can penetrate filters). We also don’t tend to work with people we have absolutely no relationship with – and especially not people who send emails of this variety.

But these emails do get me thinking – and ones that get me thinking the most are the ones that claim they’ll get us right up there. Right at the top of Page 1 on Google etc etc.  Now, for some people/businesses, this might be crucial and SEO is a massively important part of what they do. But, for us, with a very small team, much, much more important is building relationships, delivering the best that we can possibly delivery all the time, and managing client expectations.

For us, there’d be absolutely no kudos in ranking highly on search engines, getting tonnes more enquiries which translated into work – and then not being able to deliver as efficiently as we can now. As it is now, our work tends to come through word of mouth. Sometimes, we do get clients who’ve searched for design companies online – but we’re not about to start aggressively doing SEO and making our focus being No 1 on page 1. Search on “web design” in “Manchester” etc and we do appear quite highly – but that’s as a result of steady blogging, tweeting, linking etc rather than a concerted desire to be “No 1”.

So, being top of the tree isn’t what motivates us. What motivates us is working with people with the same outlook – people who put creativity, the personal touch, building relationships and enjoying what you do, right up there at No 1. That way, we’re happy. And that’s why, for US, being No 1, isn’t necessarily the most important. Please note, this applies just to us – we do work with a lovely SEO guy, who is doing some sterling work with some of our clients. We’re not anti SEO – just those SEO emails 😉


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