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All You Need Is Love…

January 23, 2014

This time last year (Jan 2013), it was announced that, due to local government funding cuts, our local swimming pool and lesiure centre, along with others, was earmarked for closure. In their places, a purpose built centre was proposed. All sounds OK, doesn’t it? But it wasn’t OK. Withington Leisure centre has been at the heart of our community for nearly 100 years and that’s surely worth putting up a bit of a fight for. And that’s exactly what happened. The community rallied, protests & marches were organised, social media swung into action, petitions were signed, meetings were held, consultations were done, and a group – Save Withington Baths – was formed. We’re delighted that the name of the group has now changed to LOVE Withington Baths – the beautiful Victorian building is no longer under the immediate threat of closure and the group is now working hard to secure its long term future. So, why are blogging about this?

Because we’re part of the Love Withington Baths group. Each person in the group brings a particular skill set & ours centres around the design side of things. With the group, we worked on the logo – the heart representing the “Love” element and the circles representing the community.

We’re developing the website as the plans for the future of Withington Baths & Leisure Centre develop, so it’s a work in progress. The idea is that as we develop, so does the homepage. The line drawing becomes more complete & the pool begins to fill…

It’s a project we are very proud to be associated with – if you’d like to know more (or indeed complete our consultation form), visit the website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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