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A Project All About Faces…

January 22, 2014

…that’s right. Faces. A whole website devoted largely to faces. In fact, the aim is to have 102 faces, but we think there may end up being more. So, how exactly did we get involved with 102 Faces?

Janet Pelling is mum of Alex, one half of Two People One Life, whose website we redesigned & who have become friends as they travel the world getting married. Janet has joined Alex and his partner, Lisa, at various points on the journey and she’s used this time to develop her love of painting. But like her Alex & Lisa, Janet doesn’t do the expected. She doesn’t just paint anything – she paints portraits of people she meets on her travels, and these portraits are added to her growing website.

We’ve not actually met Janet – which just goes to show you can realise a project without ever actually meeting a client – but we feel we know her really well because her art tells a story and tells a lot about her. She is clearly an engaging and warm person, as her subjects trust her, from the initial photography stage to the inclusion on the website. She is an amazing client – she knows what she wants, but trusts our judgement and so from no online presence at all, Janet is tweeting about her encounters and paintings and now has a website which showcases her subjects. We are delighted to be involved in such a dynamic, evolving project – we never have any idea what we’ll receive next from Janet and this is what makes this so exciting. We’re now awaiting clay Hungarian burial masks and busts and the possibility of the addition of an online shop.

It’s all about The Faces…

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