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Phew! What a last few months…

November 24, 2013

It’s almost FIVE MONTHS since we last blogged and that makes us sound either mighty lazy or just not that bothered about keeping our blog updated, but nothing could actually be further from the truth.

Earlier in the year, we decided that 2013 had to be the year when we afforded ourselves a break. And, not just a weekend away. A proper, proper break where we could actually get a bit of headspace and take a bit of time out. Probably because we hadn’t had a “proper” holiday since 2007, and were going through our busiest year business-wise, that we decided to apply the brakes – simply so that we could recharge our batteries. So, a notice was put on our website in May, stating that we weren’t taking on any new work until October. A risk – because this could have badly back-fired – but we felt we were becoming a teeny bit swamped. A one way flight was booked and we headed off to Italy on 1st September, not quite knowing where we were going, or when we’d be back…

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