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The Blue Pig

June 23, 2013

We were approached by Cleo, the owner of the Odd Bars in Manchester to work on her new concept – a bar/restaurant in The Northern Quarter with a Parisien feel. We visited the site which was going to be the new venue to understand her very strong vision – and once we stepped inside, although still derelict at the time, her vision made perfect sense.

The building oozed a sense of history – lots of original features were still in place, and where they weren’t, it was clear what had been there. Cleo had spent time in Paris researching and so was able to very clearly convey what her new bar was going to look like and how she wanted to carry this through to the website. Very strong branding was already in place – another factor which enabled the design process to develop relatively quickly. Dark woods, reclaimed industrial lighting, rich velvet drapes, art deco artefacts – and the blue pig itself – all wove their way into the website design…

An initial photo-shoot was also done by We Are Life, to showcase the innovative new 333 daily menus, the deli counter and the decor of the bar/restuarant…

(Please note that test shots have been included in this blog – you’ll have to visit The Blue Pig website to see the final cuts…)

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