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It’s Been A While…

May 24, 2013

Just realised that we haven’t actually posted a blog since JANUARY! It certainly doesn’t seem that long, but it definitely is – and quite a lot has been packed in between then and now. We’ve launched some websites we’re really, really proud of. We’ve continued to work with clients who are now friends. We’ve taken on some phenomonally exciting new work. And have found ourselves in the unimaginable position of having to post a message on our website stating we’re unlikely to take on any more new work before July. Utterly unbelieveable – what a journey we’re having!

But, just a quick little retrospective of some of the work that’s gone live since the New Year…



We’d also like to welcome new clients – The Smallest Sheep, Pete Nottage, Ayesha Rahman, Eat Me Drink Me, Cocoa-Cabana, Love Withington Baths, Ivory Dove, David Deanie, Rose & Lee Vintage Living, Moregeous Design Studio, Frog Flowers, Stella’s Wedding Dresses, Anchor Lodge… We are so looking forward to the rest of 2013 and sincerely hope we can spend a little bit more time blogging some of the wonderful design work we’re privileged to be a part of.

Pop over to our website if you’d like to know a little bit more about what makes us tick…

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