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A Happy New Year

January 9, 2013

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, we were embroiled in a horrible situation whereby we’d been hacked – and it took days to sort it out. At the same time, we were negotiating a move away from an office which was month by month becoming more of a millstone, and we were also restructuring our businesses. All a bit stressful – but looking back, how necessary. We’ve had to make some very hard decisions but it’s meant we’ve entered 2013 much leaner and much fitter, business wise.

It’s extremely important to us that we try to work only with people who we “get”. And who “get” us. We’re not corporate. We have absolutely no ambition to be a big “design agency” that has to pitch for projects. It’s essentially two of us, plus some very key freelancers, without whom we couldn’t do what we do – but that’s just how we like it. And from feedback from clients, we think that’s just how they like it too.

So, a very happy start to 2013 – and these are some of the reasons why. Clients who came to us in 2012 and who now all have shiny new websites (or are about to ) or who we’ve done design work for…

2013-01-09_002 2013-01-09_003 2013-01-09_004 2013-01-09_005 2013-01-09_006We’re so looking forward to now cracking on with designs for the following – Rose & Lee Vintage Living, Pebble Weddings, Great White Occasions, Libiteri Boutique B&B, Howard Wing, Pearl & Co, Talent Plant, Sonas, The Silver Apples, Cocoa-Cabana, CavFest…

If you’d like to see what we can do for you, why not check out our website? You know where we are…

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