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The Curtain Fitters To The Rescue…

November 20, 2012

Bit of a different blog here on We Are Life today – this isn’t about design, but the result of a design job we did. We were approached by the owner of Busy Bee Curtains to revamp his website. We suggested dropping the “Busy Bee” because it didn’t really mean very much in the world of curtain fitting. But The Curtain Fitters did. It wasn’t an easy transition as we were suggesting a change of identity, but Mark agreed – and The Curtain Fitters was born.

The Curtain Fitters, Manchester

The Curtain Fitters, Manchester

And Mark and his company seem to be going from strength – even embracing Twitter! But back to what this blog is about…

We’ve had IKEA roller blinds in our bay window for years, and are always meaning to replace them. The cords were frayed, the fittings had never been fitted properly, the DIY cutting-to-size wasn’t very accurate and they were looking very tired and worn. The cord on the big middle blind had broken & we’d just never got round to replacing it – either leaving the blind down or rolling up it manually. Our windows also aren’t a standard size so trips to source new blinds always ended in frustration.

Frayed, broken & just a bit sad...

Frayed, broken & just a bit sad…

Then suddenly the penny dropped – The Curtain Fitters. Mark popped round, measured up, left us to select colours & fabrics – and a week and a half later was back with the new blinds. What we’ve been meaning to do for over six years, was done in less than an hour. No mess, no fuss, no cutting, minimal drilling – and our living room was transformed. Fitted as standard with child safety chains too – an incredibly simple device which enables the chain to be snapped if caught around a child’s neck.

The Curtain Fitters, Manchester

The Curtain Fitters, Manchester

The other good thing about having this done properly – as in by someone whose job it is to install blinds, rather than me hacking away at cheapo IKEA blinds – is that they actually fit. Who knew that blinds did that? And, inspired by suddenly discovering that there are people out there who can make things work properly, we may even get someone to fit our front gate. If you’ve ever visited us, you’ll know why 🙂

The Curtain Fitters, Manchester

The Curtain Fitters, Manchester

I suppose we also learned a lesson here – take our own advice. You can design your own website, but we always say better to get the experts in as you’ll get a better result. Applies to blind fitters too 😉

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