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The Italian Job

September 5, 2012

Many, many, many moons ago we did a website for Azzurro Restaurant in West Didsbury. Things move on though – we’ve moved on. Azzurro has moved on. And now it’s time for the website to move on…

Azzurro, West Didsbury

Azzurro, West Didsbury

It’s no secret that we love Azzurro. Not only are Emil & Anna our clients, they are also our friends. And in re-designing the website, we wanted to be able to showcase what a fab restaurant our friends run. So what better way to start the process than invite our friend, photographer Jonny Draper, to shoot the evening?

Jonny Draper Photography

Jonny Draper Photography

Anna & Emil created a three course menu of their signature dishes and a lovely group of friends got together for a very lovely evening. Jonny was on hand to photograph some amazing dishes which were coming out of the kitchen – carpaccio, stuffed sardines, fresh mussels, seafood linguine, slow cooked Tuscan style lamb stew, char-grilled sirloin steak… Sorry, we can’t reveal “official” photos just yet, as they’ll come with the website, but thankfully, Sian was on hand with the trusty Canon to capture some sneaky peeks…

Azzurro Restaurant, West Didsbury

Carpaccio of Beef Fillet – Azzurro Restaurant, West Didsbury – image by Sian Astley

Sea Bass Fillet - Azzurro Restaurant, West Didsbury

Sea Bass Fillet – Azzurro Restaurant, West Didsbury- image by Sian Astley

Baked Limoncello Cheesecake - Azzurro Restaurant, West Didsbury

Baked Limoncello Cheesecake – Azzurro Restaurant, West Didsbury- image by Sian Astley

We don’t want to give too much away as we’ll be starting work on the website very soon, but these were just a few of the Twitter comments we picked up after the event…

"Just been to @azzurrodidsbury, verdict..." @rmcgandara

“Just been to @azzurrodidsbury, verdict…” @rmcgandara

If you’re looking for homestyle #Italian food in #Didsbury it has to be @azzurrodidsbury Experts in fresh fish and meat, perfectly cooked. (@lord_warner)

Fantastic meal and service @azzurrodidsbury last night…and beautiful, almost full ‘blue’ moon in a clear sky on the way home. (@budgardencentre)

#ff to @azzurrodidsbury for a fantastic dinner last night. They really do seafood very well. One of the fab places on Burton road. (@dineinout)

#ff@azzurrodidsbury for the lovely whole baked sea bream last night. Look forward to seeing your new website 🙂 (@alliejohns)

Amaaazing meal @azzurrodidsbury last night and lovely to see @JonnyDraperfoto@didsburylife@emmadrapermua + @Moregeous. Still stuffed 2day! (@dishesandspoons)

Top night @azzurrodidsbury with @emmadrapermua@didsburylife@dishesandspoons & @Moregeous Amazing food, slight red wine head this am… (@jonnydraperfoto)

So, not long until the new website. Italian Job. Done. And, if you’d like to experience a little bit of Italy in West Didsbury, we can only say Vai ora

(With huge thanks to Anna & Emil for their hospitality, Stef &  Martin for looking after everyone, Jonny Draper for being official photographer & Sian Astley for being unofficial photographer).

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