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Making A Noise For A Client

July 26, 2012

Didsbury based Sarah Chilvers came to We Are Life with a new name for her PR company. She wanted it to be known as “Bang The Drum PR” – we loved this as immediately knew it had such potential with such strong connotations. Sarah wanted a new logo and had some definite ideas about the style – she loved the font & use of colour here…

… and so we started to work on a brand new logo. The whole idea of “banging a drum” was just too irresistible to not incorporate drumsticks. The “Make A Noise” strapline just fell into place and before very long, we’d collectively worked up this idea –

Bang The Drum PR, Didsbury

Bang The Drum PR, Didsbury

Yes, collectively. We worked with Sarah, in front of a computer screen, looking at colours, fonts, orientations, sizes etc – because why wouldn’t you do it like this? Why wouldn’t you, if you can, have your client sitting with you? Working through the design process, giving you on-the-spot feedback? It seems madness to us, not to do that. And as a result, we were able to deliver, very quickly, a result that Sarah was delighted with.

And do you know what the best of this kind of process is? She now OWNS that design – simply because she’s been an integral part of the design process. So, let’s bang the drum, and make a noise, about collaborating. It really is the future…

Find Sarah on Twitter.

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