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Introducing The Stove Room, West Didsbury…

July 17, 2012

It’s funny how things work out. We took the decision to leave our office on Burton Road, West Didsbury and although it made sense in lots of ways, we felt quite sad to be giving up somewhere that had been a massive part of our lives for over five years, and had become a nice little social hub. But we needn’t have worried, because it’s now occupied by Nicola & Mark, who have opened The Stove Room.

The Stove Room, West Didsbury

The Stove Room, West Didsbury

And we are very delighted that as well being the new occupants of 212 Burton Road, they are now not only clients, but friends as well. Nicola & Mark came to us for their website and branding – and they were definitely clients with a very strong vision. The kind of clients we really like, as this helps us to deliver a strong brand.

So we set to work on creating a logo which was hopefully strong and stylish but elegant – like the stoves. Hopefully, we’ve achieved that. Gregg, our favourite signage guy, set to work on creating the shop signage from our logo and we set to work on the website. We had a tight timescale as the guys had an opening date, but with combined will, deadlines are always met. And voila – welcome to The Stove Room

The Stove Room, West Didsbury

The Stove Room, West Didsbury

To complement the website, branding and signage, we have subsequently worked on the social media branding for The Stove Room, business cards and A5 promotional flyers.

So, yes it is funny how things work out – especially as nearly 15 years after we bought it, we’ve finally found someone who can fit our wood burning stove…

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  1. July 18, 2012 3:04 pm

    Funny indeed….we have had such a great experience from the start following our first meeting with Pete and Helen at their then offices and now our showroom. We wanted a website building and now look where we are…a great showroom, great branding, website, social networking presence…the list goes on…but most importantly of all we now have great new friends!

    Nicola & Mark
    The Stove Room

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