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Things Can Only Get Better…

January 10, 2012

So, ten days into 2012 and we’re in the middle of website meltdown. Yes, the gremlins paid us a Christmas visit – and unfortunately left us a very toxic present under the tree. A seriously infected website…

Like a house, however secure you think it is, there’s always a way for someone to get in if they’re determined enough. And whilst we’re not saying that a website being hacked is anywhere near as bad as your house being ransacked, it’s bloody infuriating. It also takes up the time you want to spend, working on client projects.

So, when we should have been full steam ahead with gorgeous projects, we’ve spent the best part of four days, trying to disentangle a stupid mess. Have no idea if the problems have been caused by human endeavours or something more sinister, but all we know is, we are currently mightily pissed off. Thank goodness we have the most brilliant people around us and the most understanding clients, who so far are demonstrating huge reserves of patience – and sympathy.

A fairly unexpected start to 2012, but in the immortal words of D:Ream…

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