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A New Look For Silver Apples

November 16, 2011

When the doors closed on Silver Apples, the West Didsbury bar, that we’d known and loved, for the last time, there was a really feeling of sadness. But sometimes endings just signal new beginnings – and that’s exactly how it was when The Silver Apples Catering Company was born…

Kate and Sarah, the sisters behind the company, had worked with us for a long time, promoting the bar on Didsbury Life and generally being huge supporters of WestFest. So when they wanted to create a brand identity for the new company, they came to WeAreLife, the sister company of Didsbury Life. The girls were ideal clients in that they had a very clear vision of what they wanted. Although they wanted a vintage twist to the branding, they realised that the trend for all things vintage probably won’t last forever, and so they wanted stylish but quirky, over overtly twee. They also came to the initial design meetings armed with inspirational ideas – mood boards, swatches of fabric, torn off bits of wallpaper, cookery books, paper bags, images from magazines. All of which helped our designer to immediately come up with a concept which the girls ran with.

From an initial idea of a tree and a colourways that were on the purple/plum spectrum, the brand was born…

The Silver Apples Logo

The Silver Apples Logo

From the logo, the website just seemed to flow – again, made so much easier becasue Kate and Sarah had a very clear idea of the look and feel that they wanted to achieve and were able to convey it in a way that enabled our designer, Chris, to translate it very easily. The girls wanted to be able to update the site themselves and also wanted a blog – this was integrated into the site, and is being utilised very well 🙂

Silver Apples website

Silver Apples website

Silver Apples integrated blog

Silver Apples integrated blog

The branding was carried through to the delivery van, and our lovely colleague, Gregg, worked his magic – watch out for The Silver Apples whizzing around Didsbury…

You can also catch the Silver Apples Catering Company on the newly launched Natural Wedding Company website. Another example of collaboration, with WeAreLife playing cupid…

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