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Girls (mostly) on film…

October 3, 2011


As with our sister company, Didsbury Life, here at WeAreLife we like to make links and connections and build relationships. So when Jess & Jon, the creatives behind iCitymedia took some space in our office, we had a feeling that we could connect with them. As video journalists, we felt that they could help us to support the businesses we work with by offering an additional, interactive, promotional tool. So, take a look at some of the videos we’ve done so far. If you like the look & feel of these, and understand that online presence is so much more tangible, trackable – and ultimately more entertaining – than scatter gun leaflet drops etc, why not get in touch? With iCitymedia, we can get you on film on too…

Have a look at Becky from Blossom, Loz & Nat from Folk and Sian from The Flower Lounge – and come on boys, sure we can capture you on film too! And, talking of building relationships, Jess & Jon charged us with re-vamping their website. Have a look & let us know what you think…

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