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Twitter, and your Unique Brand – Part I

January 23, 2011
Twitter Egg

Twitter Egg

When you see this icon on Twitter, what does it make you think? If someone starts following you and they have the “egg”, what goes through your mind? Whether you agree or not, this is what goes through mine.

If it’s an individual, they’re probably trying to protect their identity. OK. The internet can be a place where you can be exposed – in more ways than one. But then I always wonder, if you’re so keen to protect your identity, why are you on Twitter, telling the world wide web about yourself? You don’t need to have your personal image up there. There’s lots of examples of original individual and personal avatars out there, but  it’s horses for courses, I suppose, and it’s whatever makes you, as an individual, feel comfortable.

However, as a business, I think that it’s a different story. Your icon, your background, your colours, your logo – these are the representation of your business and they are your shop window on Twitter. An ill-thought out & poorly designed Twitter page says as much about you as a bad review or a poor recommendation. If you don’t feel that your strength is in design, find someone whose is. That’s what these businesses below did.

They trusted WeAreLife to brand their Twitter accounts.

And do you know what, we think we’ve done a pretty good job with them all. Because we know that your business brand is what you’re defined by. You only get one chance to make a great impression – why blow it?

And yeah, yeah – before there’s the criticism that the above are all “old school” Twitter – yes, they are. Latest Twitter branded accounts are “new school”. So there!

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