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The Perfect Client

January 11, 2011
A little bit of vision goes a long way...

A little bit of vision goes a long way...

If you could create a perfect client, what would they be like?

At WeAreLife, we’re slightly spoilt. We don’t actively promote or advertise our design services externally, so nearly every one of our clients is gained through the two best ways possible – word of mouth and recommendations. So, our view is slightly skewed of the perfect client, as most are perfect in their own ways, because we know them and we like them.

However, there is one friend (as she was a friend before she was a client), who is the absolute epitome of the perfect client.

Now this could have been a tricky situation. As much as we love our friends, we’re realistic enough to know that friends can be the trickiest of clients. With the best will in the world, they can be, in various degrees, unrealistic, demanding, unable to stick to/understand deadlines etc. Also the line between friendship and professionalism can sometimes become unintentionally blurred.

But, T, as she shall be known, was none of the above – because she had a VISION.

…I want it to look sleek, sexy and aspirational a la Mr & Mrs Smith. To have a boutique feel. Grounded spirituality for a modern generation…

She came to us to design a website to develop her brand, Urban Deva. She also came to us with a succinct brief. She knew the colours she wanted. She knew the imagery she wanted and between her and us we found the most beautifully evocative photography. She knew the words she wanted – and wrote them herself. She knew the music she wanted to lead you into the website – and conatcted the artist and purchased the rights to use it. Meetings were a joy because they were full of energy and wholly positive.

And as a result, we were able to produce this website for our lovely friend, Urban Deva

Urban Deva

Urban Deva

Urban Deva

Urban Deva

Urban Deva

Urban Deva

We’d urge you to visit the website, not only because we think it’s rather gorgeous, but because we’d love you to find out more about , Urban Deva, the perfect client…

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