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Life Update…

April 2, 2010

Well, it’s Easter weekend, but that doesn’t mean much when you work for yourself and you have client deadlines to meet. Still, it doesn’t seem like work at Life – as we’ve said in previous blogs, it’s a pleasure to do something you love and so we’ll get over doing a bit of designing. Chocolate may make an appearance too…

So, what has the last week brought?

Well, our friend Thea will hopefully have a gorgeous leather bound book for her launch on April 9th. Andrew Brown, bookbinder at Artisan, will be working around the clock to produce a unique copy of her book, “Running Into Myself

'Running Into Myself' by Thea Euryphaessa

'Running Into Myself' by Thea Euryphaessa

Thea’s book launch will be held at Didsbury Life, 212 Burton Road M20 2LW – if you’re interested in finding out about the transformational journey of Thea, joining her on three marathons and dipping into mythology – then come along and find out more. The book is an amazingly frank account of her life to date – and so very inspirational, in many ways. 100 copies, from the first print run, will be available for purchase [£12.50] on the evening – and if you want a signed copy, this is your opportunity. Nibbles will be provided by the lovely folk at Folk Cafe Bar .

Word about our photographers is getting out and about – we’re just waiting to see the  results of the recent felicini Didsbury by the very talented Ilian. As soon as they’ve been given the once over by feli and Ilian, we’ll be uploading some samples here. And, talking of photographers, we’re just awaiting the return of our other photographer Mark, from holiday. In the way we like things to work, one of our clients approached us about a shoot for an acquaitance of his who is a milliner and is going to be exhibiting very soon, using the services of a model who is apparently very famous in her native Italy. We need Mr Nelson to return so that we can find out more!

One of our latest projects is a design re-brand for a Didsbury based property development company. What excites us most about this project is that the company has such an ethical view about property development – will blog as it develops.

Two sites are due to launch at the beginning of each next week – one is for a company who produce cleaning wipes. May sound a bit left field, but the site, as has been said previously, is very sleek and sexy. Looking forward very much to adding it to our portfolio, as it’s a bit of departure from other work. The other site is for Bleuet Textiles – an online shop where you’ll soon be able to purchase outrageously beautiful silk scarves, clutch bags and cushions. Products are currently being uploaded and final testing being done – by this time next week, you’ll be being tempted to make those lovely little purchases!

We’re also developing the 2010 Didsbury Arts Festival website and The Didsbury Open Gardens site –

Didsbury Arts Festival 2010

Didsbury Arts Festival 2010

Both sites have an imminent launch date, so watch this space! An online product shop is also under construction for an award winning hair salon – you’ll recognise them when we launch the site!

In the meantime, take a stroll through WeAreLife and have a nosey at projects which we’ve finished, and what our clients say. You can also check out the team – but be warned, if you’re after boring employment history, you won’t find it on our site. Have a look around, and if you see what you like, maybe we can do business with you…

Step This Way...

Step This Way...

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  1. April 2, 2010 8:44 pm

    wow… really wonderful blog… i just wonder to see the rich balance of your lines….


    Visit mine… and plz plz plz post your comments….

    Thank you…

    I’ll be in touch with your blog….

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