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The Life Word is Spreading…

March 30, 2010

These blog updates seem to be the only time in the week when we stop and take stock of what’s going on with Life at the moment. Since the new site went live, enquiries [which are fantastically often translating into projects], have just sky-rocketed.

We are receiving CVs from some really talented, experienced designers. It makes you think how deep this recession has cut, that some companies out there have had to let go of some amazing expertise. However, as we’re quite young ourselves, we simply can’t accommodate all of this talent – good news for other agencies we work with, as we’ll always pass on people who are brilliant. A couple of people this week have simply been in the right place at the right time, and so we look forward very much to working with Emilia and Tom.

We’re in that phase at the moment of having lots of design projects in development, so since last week and nothing else has been unleashed. However, final amends are being done to an online shop for a textile designer, a re-vamped sexy website for an industrial cleaning products company and the Didsbury Arts Festival website. All should be live by this time next week.

One of our photographers, Ilian, has just spent the afternoon at Felicini, Didsbury – we await the results, which we know will be just a touch stylish! Mark, another one of our photographers, who you may have read about in previous blogs, is now also becoming a bit sought after. Since debuting with his exhibition at our Didsbury Life offices, he’s done the photography for the new Pinchjo’s website and has two potential jobs waiting for him when he returns from holiday. One being a shot for a hotel brochure, the other being for a milliner who’s using an Italian model for the shoot – nice work if you can get it!

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