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Life is Wonderful…

March 23, 2010

It seems ages since Life finally came to life, simply because so much has happened – yet again! We’re amazed by the response to the new website and what we’re able to do these days – but having spent a long time searching for the right people, we now know we’re there. So – perhaps we shouldn’t be amazed, as it’s what we’ve been visioning for a very long time.

Today – Tuesday 23rd March – sees the launch of the Urban Deva website we’ve been working on with one of our favourite clients [but, more importantly, Thea is a friend].

Urban Deva - Grounded Spirituality

Urban Deva - Grounded Spirituality

I couldn’t do justice to the philosophy behind Urban Deva – just get over to the site and lose yourself in it…

Thea/Urban Deva is a complex, fascinating, inspirational, motivational and genuinely beautiful person. Here at WeAreLife, we know we are so lucky to have a “client” of her calibre. So, it’s a great pleasure to also announce that she’s a couple of weeks away from being a bona fide published author. Thea’s book “Running Into Myself” is  like nothing I’ve ever read before. It operates on so many levels, without being pretentious and overly “new age”. Thea really lays her soul bare – and by the end, you know you’ve discovered a special person.

Running Into Myself by Thea Euryphaessa

Running Into Myself by Thea Euryphaessa

We’re proud to have collaborated with Thea on this project. The book jacket was designed by Nige Lund, one of our graphic designers and we designed the website. Thea will be holding a launch party for her book on Friday 9th April – check Didsbury Life in the next few days for information…

We’re also very delighted to announce that our collaboration with Joe from Pinchjo’s has resulted in his brand new website going live. This is another example of how we like to work at WeAreLife. We’ve teamed up with a local independent business and  found a photographer over Twitter – the result being the Pinchjo’s website.

It’s now 9.40pm – I put the time in just to evidence what I’m about to say. As I was typing about Mark, our lovely Twitter photographer, up popped an email on my screen, notifying me of a tweet by Mark explaining that a soldier about to be posted to Afghanistan had commented on his recent blog – I’ll just leave it to you to read the blog & the comment

As I said in the title of this blog post, life is indeed wonderful – and maybe we need to sometimes just take a step back and realise that the things/people who annoy us on a daily basis [and lord knows, I have one…] just aren’t worth even considering…

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