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Another Week in the Life of We Are Life

February 15, 2010

Seven days since last blog & another whirlwind week. At the moment our blog is probably meaningless to anyone out there who may chance upon it – it’s being used at the moment as a way of recording what’s happening in the transition period of our design agency. So much happens on a day to day basis and further down the line, we want to remember it all.

So – what’s happened this week? Well, the week started with a funeral and ended with wedding chats with Jess, our film maker. Thankfully, no sign of Hugh Grant. Most days [and evenings] have been consumed by tweak after tweak after tweak – working with Chris & Pete really does redefine the meaning of perfectionist! Maybe by 2020 they’ll both be convinced that no more tweaks are needed & we can go live – but then how do you convince perfectionists? However, the feeling is that we’re very close – images & text are there for most pages, testimonials are [thankfully!] coming in thick & fast and we’ve made some subtle, but key, changes to to reflect that we are now Life. [Prizes will be awarded to anyone who can spot the changes…]

Our new signage has gone up & temporary  window displays are in place, making it so much clearer what we can do both design wise & as a promotional tool for local independent businesses. So – getting closer & closer…

A number of new projects have emerged too – an ecommerce site for a textile designer, websites for the Didsbury Arts Festival & Didsbury Open Gardens event, re-branding for an established curtains & blinds company and a whole new image for a gas engineer [who also happens to be a fabulous bathroom & kitchen fitter – we’ve used him & couldn’t recommend him highly enough]. Work on a website, with photography, for a fab local Tapas restaurant is due to begin this week, as well as on-going projects, some of which are near to completion & will be uploaded onto

Again, Didsbury Life develops apace – mailing list growing, entries to competitions coming in thick & fast and businesses steadily coming on board. Some do fall by the wayside – but hey, if you don’t put in a bit of work, you don’t get a lot out.  Thankfully, they usually work out pretty quickly we’re not for them and they find alternative [ie free] “advertising”. The kind of advertising where you put nothing in & get nothing out, apart from a quick fix that no-one remembers. What is so rewarding however, is that  the majority of businesses we work closely with, think & operate in the way we do. You can see from Didsbury Life who they are…

So, onto a new week & so much looking forward to the challenges & events it will bring. No day/hour/minute is ever the same & that’s what is so brilliant about this gorgeous business we are growing and developing. However, what is the same, is that that pile of marking from last week is still there…

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