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Our Projects – Artisan Bindery

January 31, 2010

Life was introduced to Andrew Brown, a Cheshire based book binder, by a colleague some months ago. We’d been told his work was amazing, but that his website maybe didn’t showcase his work as well as it could have done. Not mixing in book-binding circles, we didn’t really know what to expect from Andrew – but after looking at his website, knew that we could do something with it.

Andrew’s first visit to us was really enlightening. As well as being as far removed from our pre-conceived idea of a bookbinder as could be possible [engaging – check, witty – check, trendy – check], his passion for his craft was absolutely palpable. He’d brought along some examples of what he’d done and they were real works of art – we were immediately excited at the project working with someone who did such an unusual job, and with such enthusiasm.

He was open to a re-brand and so Chris & Pete got working on it straight away. In collaboration with Andrew, his company name was changed from The Cheshire Bindery to Artisan Bindery. We liked the use of “A” & “B” – Andrew’s initials – but also the connotations of “artisan”. The new name was all Chris needed to design a logo which had a really traditional feel to it  – and “Artisan” was born…

Pete knew that Andrew’s work, his bindery tools and his studio had to be photographed in a very special way to convey the true artisan nature of his craft. This was where we brought in Ilian, a photographer who’d previously worked with us on a Ferrious photography shoot. We think the visuals on the site speak for themselves…stunning!

So, we had a logo, photography, a site build – we now needed the words to convey the passion of Artisan Bindery. We’d worked with Thea Euryphaessa on a number of occasions – the latest collaboration being a book cover and website design for her soon to be published book – and as a writer for a number of web publications, we knew she was a quality wordsmith. Thea met with Andrew and extracted from him the essence of his background, his work and his vision for Artisan. Again, like the photography, the words speak for themselves.

And Artisan Bindery has now been born…

However, we like to build relationships with our clients. We don’t do a job & say “good-bye”. We see our clients as friends – and friends work together, don’t they? So, in this spirit, it’s not the end of Andrew, Thea and WeAreLife. Andrew is designing a special edition for Thea’s book – “Running Into Myself – A Journey Through The Soul of The Feat” – in readiness for the launch in April. And guess who’ll be there at the launch to photograph it for posterity? You guessed it! Ilian…

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