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A Week in the Life of We Are Life…

January 31, 2010

Our lastest co-workers joined us at our Didsbury offices & we’ve now got a full house. After a long time finding the right people [with some rejections along the way], we’ve achieved our aim of having a creative hub, right here in West Didsbury – despite the reservations of many people who thought we were slightly mad in taking on such a huge project. A vision is a vision and you can’t ignore it! So, as well as WeAreLife & Didsbury Life, we share the building with Contrast Creative, run by Ed, an extremely talented photographer who would certainly appear to be going places! [] Then we have Lynsey, Katie & Alison who head up MayNineteen, an events management company – always a pleasure to take in their post, which can range from boxes of elves’ ears and collars to astro-turf carpeting. [] Jess & Jon run iCityMedia [], a really funky film company – and, they work really closely with WeAreLife, promoting our local, independent businesses. This is a recent example of their work – a short promo film for Folk Cafe Bar in West Didsbury.

Shahrokh, our man in the attic [], is a fabulously talented animator – you’ll soon be seeing some of his handiwork on our new website. Dan, from Bewildered Media, is a website designer, specialising in SEO and social media – he’s just arrived and is currently settling into his office. Lindsay is our very latest addition – she strikes up deals with worldwide hotels so that cabin crews can take advantage of a little bit of luxury.

We’re also really lucky that we have some fab freelancers we work with – photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, signage people, programmers and, another recent addition, a West Didsbury based painting & carpentry company.

However, we think the jewel in our crown is Chris Brown, our graphic designer. We think his work speaks for itself and can currently be seen via our holding page –

So, as well as filling the building, we’ve also been busy meeting lots of very interesting people and discussing on-going and potential projects. Currently in the pipeline we have branding & website design for an elite trading company, a website for a therapy centre, the re-vamping of a website for an art gallery, a design project [logo, branding, website, packaging] for a very unusual jewellery product for a Sheffield based silversmith, an e-commerce site for an award winning hair salon, a website for a restaurant on-line booking company and a website design for a tapas restaurant. The team is also working on the marketing of the “Life” model – more details to follow…

Chris & Pete are working away, all hours is seems, to ensure not only that clients sites are built and projects completed on time, but to make sure that WeAreLife and the re-designed Didsbury Life are complete and ready to go live… We’re also project managing the re-design of the offices – thanks to West Didsbury Painting & Carpentry and Gregg, who have helped to make this slightly easier! On top of all of this is the day to day running of Didsbury Life still goes on – we passionately believe in the promotion of local independent enterprise, so when you’re up against the big boys, you can’t take a breath! As we have the unshakeable conviction that we will NOT sell advertising banner space on the site – if people are paying us their hard earned money to promote themselves through Didsbury Life, we will not sell out to diversionary advertising – it does mean that we have to be constantly on the ball and always ensuring that our site is up to date, interesting and accurate. A full time job in itself!

What makes it all worthwhile though, is that it gets to Sunday evening and we NEVER have those thoughts of dread about the week ahead. VAT & taxman aside, WE make the rules – so if we’re not enjoying it, we change them! [Although sometimes I do have a minor panic when I realise that because of all of the above, I still haven’t marked that set of Year 10 books – but that’s a story for another blog…]

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